Dec. 8, 2003
WLAN estimation in Nihon Minka-En

Our Hardware WG had a very unique event. As a part of 802.11a/b/g estimation and compare project, they had an estimation session in Nihon Minka-Enin On Dec. 8. Nihon Minka-En is one of the most famous outdoor museums of Japan that displays traditional folk houses. The session was held at Sugawaras' house that built in 18c in Ymagata pref. After the session, now WG is trying to write a report of whole experimentation including the result of this session. The report will be opened in this web site.

Nihon Minka-En

Members got gather together in front of Nihon Minka-En.
Sugawaras' house. There is a hay shelter during winter.
BS located on the upper floor.
BS from another side.
Estimating in the entrance.
Estimating near a hearth.
Estimating from the snow shelter.
Estimating from outside

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