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Jul. 2 New telephone number. >>
Nov. 12 Supported and participated Inter BEE 2013.
Jun. 12 Supported and participated Interop Tokyo 2013.
Apr. 7 New telephone number. >>
Jun. 11 - 13 Supported and participated Interop Tokyo 2008.
Apr. 3 Our telephone number changed.
Mar. 24 4th pilot experimention for video transmission on WLAN with hand-over.
Feb. 26 3rd pilot experimention for video transmission on WLAN with hand-over.
Feb. 10 new domain name mobile-broadband.org >>
Oct. 1 2nd pilot experimention for video transmission on WLAN with hand-over. (1st is on May 2)
Jun. 28 ordinary general meeting
Jun. 13 - 15 Supported and participated Interop Tokyo 2007.
May 30 - Jun. 1 Supported LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2007.
May 2 Pilot study for an experimention of WLAN with GT racer.
Apr. 25 2nd MBA Workshop
Jan. 25 1st MBA Workshop
Nov. 13 An experiment of WLAN in a college classroom with 80 terminals.
Jun. 30 Released English edition of MBA Starndars.
Jun. 12 ordinary general meeting
May 31 - Jun. 2 Supooted LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2006.
Apr. 21 Released a report 'Experiment of WLAN 3 / Performance evaluation of the mesh network on Mobile'.
Dec. 12 A Workshop event with livedoor Co., Ltd.
Oct. 18 An extraordinary members' meeting to revise the article because of that our office has moved.
Sep. 16 An experiment session of Mesh Network with 6 vehicles by Hardware WG.
Aug. 24 Our office moved to Shinagawa Ku, Tokyo.
June 29 Annual members' meeting. Dr. Hirabaru and Dr. Ohta assume directors. And also those 3 WGs Protocol, Hardware and Application had meetings.
March 9 Dr. Ohta one of the leaders of MBA had a lecture in "Taking Off of Wireless Broadband 2005".

July 1 Supooted NetWorld+Interop 2004 Tokyo. Also produced a demo booth and held BOF meeting.
June. 30 MBA Standard 0301 is authorized formally.
June. 11 Annual members meeting. The plan for fiscal year 2004 was authorized.
June. 11 Supported MobileEEireless World Tokyo 2004 (at Ootemachi, Tokyo)
Apr. 5 A report of Hardware WG's experiment study 2003 -incl. WLAN test in Japanese old folkrore house - is now opened.
Apr. 5 MBA Standard 0201 and 0202 are authorized formally by Protocol WG.
Mar. 13 MBA Forum "Future Mobile Communications Leaded by 3G TD-CDMA" with guest speakers from almost all the Japanese 3G carriers and Dr. Nakagawa the pioneew of TD system.

Dec. 8 An unique WLAN estimation session in Japanese traditional folk house. >>
Dec. 5 Application WG co-sponsored SCCJ's 5th Kyoto Symposium.
Nov. 11,12,13 Supported 'Mobile & Wireless World / Tokyo 2003'.
Nov. 8 Hardware WG now started new exparimentation project. They estimate and compare 802.11a/b/g actual perfomance in 3 different conditions; anechoic chamber, independent house and apartment room. The result will be opened on this site in few months.
Sep. 26 'Draft of MBA Standard 0301 / MISAUTH Protocol Specification Sheet' is opned on MBA Web site in free (PDF in Japanese).
Sep. 24,25 Supported 'LinuxWorld C&D / Tokyo 2003'.
June 30 - July 4 Supported and participated in NETWORLD+INTEROP 2003 TOKYO.
June 23 Hold annual members' meeting.
May 13 Root Inc., Sprite Inc. (they are MBA members) and other 3 institute successed an experiment of WLAN hand-over in 260Km/h with MBA Standard Protocol.
Apr. 21 ALP WG, ISP WG and Contents WG had breaked up, and Application WG has started with former 3 WGs members.
Mar. 14 Supported 802.11 PLANET Conference in Shibuya, Tokyo. One of our directors Prof. Kumon, made a keynote speech and also another director Mr. Mano and an ndividual member Dr. Fujikawa had lectures.
Feb. 5 Hardware WG had a meeting with guest speakers from FREESPOT Association and Kyoto MIAKO Net.
Jan. 20 MBA office's faccimile number has been changed.

Dec. 24 A report of Hardware WG's experiment study is now opened. >>
Oct. 22 An extra members meeting. Our article has been changed.
Aug. 27, Sep. 27 Hardware WG did an unique expariment for WLAN with 40 PCs.
June 15 MBA office had moved.
June 3-5 Supported and participated NETWORLD+INTEROP 2002 TOKYO. In July 4 evening, we had a BOF with 60 audiences
June 14 Contents WG had a meeting.
May 31 The annual members meeting was held and our report for fiscal year 2001 and the plan for fiscal year 2002 were authorized. Also 4 WGs ALP, ISP, Hardware, Protocol had meetings.
Apr. 8 MBA opens a 'Draft of MBA Standard 0201 and 0202' specification for public WLAN services with complete user authentification and hand-over functions. The specification sheets ware proposed by one of our leading members MIS, and will become a complete 'MBA Standard' through Protocol WG's consideration. >>
Mar. 12, 13 More than 120 people in total got gather together on WG meetings.
Feb. 18 One of members SYNEX had a presentation of introducing their nes CF WLAN card to other members.

Dec. 15, 16 MBA promoted 'Mobile Internet Plaza' in Net.Liferium2001 at Yokohama, with Usen BB and MIS Inc.
Nov. 29 Each of 5 WGs had 1st meegings.
Oct. 15 MBA's logo was introduced.
Aug. 29 The establishment meeting.

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